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Fastener Unlimited, Inc.

  • Fastener Unlimited is a manufacturer and distributor of stair hardware for wood stair installations since 1985. Our products are nationally recognized and available through many Stair Part Manufacturers and Hardware Distributors.
  • Fastener Unlimited started with the KeyLock Newel Post Fastener invented by Michael Bielicki. For years Michael installed stairways and found that traditional installation methods did not always work. There had to be a better way! The patented KeyLock was his solution.
  • KeyLock continues to be the cornerstone of our product line. For over 30 years, KeyLock has provided a rock solid installation for almost every construction situation. It quickly and securely mounts a newel post without the use of wood plugs or mouldings. KeyLock provides the tightest fit newel post fastener by its unique design that draws the newel post and floor tautly together.
  • All of our products have been designed with the stair installer in mind. They will do the intended job the simplest, quickest way possible to create strong and beautiful wood stairways.
  • Always check with your local building code before installation of any stairway.

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