HF5.1.1: 5/8″ Hollow Round 12 Gauge Horizontal Railing

From: $39.41

House of Forgings  |  Horizontal Railing

5/8 Inch Powder coated and stainless steel hollow round bars, available in 8 foot lengths, ideal for installation and affordable shipping.

Mix and match them with any of our other components for a look that is completely custom and uniquely you.

Horizontal Railing Handrail Bracket

Bars can be cut to length and used for handrail brackets in an over-the-post system or as a pedestal for newel caps in a post-to-posts system.

    Product Details:

  • Bar Shape: Round
  • Bar Size: 5/8 Inch
  • Bar Weight: Hollow
  • Each end does contain a 1/4 inch round hole that is required as part of the powder coating process and usually is hidden during the install as these bars will be glued into holes at least 1/2 inch deep on both sides.
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