LJ-4096: 7 1/2″ Diamond & Trapezoid Inlay Box Newel

From: $772.19

L.J. Smith Stair Systems  |  Decorative Inlay Box Newels

These box newels feature decorative inlays for a more dramatic stairway appearance.

Each Inlaid Box Newel can be ordered with either of two inlay patterns.

The Inlays are available in the following wood species: American Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, and Maple.

These box newels are identical in dimension, and are assembled in the same manner, as our LJ-4092, LJ-4093, LJ-4094 and LJ-4095 series of box newels.

  • Height: 53 3/16″
  • Base Size: 7 1/2″ Square
  • Body Size: 6″ Square
  • Cap Size: 7 1/2″ Square
  • Style: Decorative Inlays

Interior use only.

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