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L.J. Smith Stair Systems

Iron Balusters and Newels

Baluster Shoes for Metal Balusters

  • Shoes are an optional accessory and do not serve any structural purpose.
  • Baluster shoes are used to conceal any visible gaps surrounding the hole in which the baluster will be inserted and fastened, particularly with square balusters.
  • It is not recommended to use Aluminum Shoes with Solid Iron Balusters or Iron Shoes with Hollow Balusters.
  • The surface texture just like the balusters, will be noticeably different for Iron Shoes versus Aluminum Shoes.
  • Most of the metal balusters that we offer, have a round pin/dowel at the top for easy installation and will not require a top shoe. Top shoe is optional.

Baluster Shoes for LIH-HOL166444 Rectangle Baluster

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