LJ-3080: 10 Pack of Rail Bolt Kits to Fasten Handrail to Handrail, Fittings, Newels, Walls and Fittings to Fittings

From: $7.00

L.J. Smith Stair Systems  |  Stairway Tools and Hardware  |  Handrail Installation  |  Newel Post Installation

Use to attach handrail to; handrail, fitting, newel, wall; or fittings to fittings.


  • (10) 5/16 x 3 1/2 Inch Hanger Bolts
  • (10) 1 Inch Circ Washers
  • (10) 5/16 Inch Hex Flange Nuts
  • (10) 1 Inch Tapered Plugs
  • Instructions
  • Clear
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