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L.J. Smith Stair Systems

LJ-6010: Handrail & Fittings

  • Finger Joint (FJ) – Standard/Economical – Recommended for paint grade finishes.
  • Solid Cap (SC) – Better Quality – Preferred for staining or other transparent finishes.

  • L.J. Smith’s Conect-A-Kit fittings provide tremendous flexibility in the number of installation applications obtainable with each fitting.
  • 7 of these fittings used in combination, will make up 26 different gooseneck fittings.
  • Conect-A-Kit fittings also feature a base with machined pockets and a removable top (or bottom) for easy installation.
  • All assembly hardware is concealed within the base of each fitting.
  • Fittings that are not listed will have to be price quoted offline, please contact us for details.

LJ Smith Stair Systems

LJ-6010: Finger-Jointed Handrail

From: $44.46

LJ Smith Stair Systems

LJ-6010SC: Solid Cap Handrail

From: $63.24

LJ Smith Stair Systems

LJ-6010C: Clear Handrail

From: $84.92
From: $28.36
From: $11.09
From: $33.89
From: $25.26
From: $37.98
From: $172.48
From: $172.48
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