OP-4120-300-CFG: 3″ Chamfered, Fluted & Grooved Intersection or Winder Newel Post

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Intersection Newel (73" tall)

Intersection Newel – Used in a stairway when a stair flight intersects or meets another stair flight that is facing another direction.

Winder Newel: This newel will be used at winder stairway intersections. (4 RISE NOTCH/GOOSENECK)

Notch/Newel Notch – a cut is made in the bottom block of a newel post to allow the newel to overhang the edge of a tread/riser, landing or balcony.

  • Stairway System: Post-to-Post
  • Height: 78"
  • Size: 3"
  • Style: Chamfered, Fluted & Grooved

Interior use only.

    Installation Tools and Hardware

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